Month: October 2021

And here we go…

I can’t say I have a super clear plan of what’s going to happen at this site. I hope to engage with people, but considering the size of the internet and the world population, the number of worthwhile and not so worthwhile sites clogging the highway, who knows if anyone will ever even see this site. However, I’m an optimist, so here we go.

Life is not easy for most of us. It’s messy, painful, occasionally restrictive in our choices. As the world has become more connected, we have a bigger window into how difficult things can be for everyone, and we have a bigger door to open up and help each other through the struggles. We have a chance to be real, authentic, supportive, loving, compassionate, and to create a world where we find more in common than to separate us. The stresses of the world can make us feel like we aren’t in control of our lives, that there isn’t time to make up for our mistakes, that there isn’t a chance to take more time and make better decisions. And many of us didn’t/don’t have families that teach us how to be better, do better. We have to choose to be and do better, and we have to learn the skills to succeed at it. Life doesn’t magically get better because you cauliflower crust pizza.